A Word From Stephen Quiller

Dear Artist Friend:

I am writing this letter from Pole Creek, a tributary at the headwaters of the Rio Grande River. I am painting and camping here for six days. It has been a beautiful experience with complete solitude and without interruption. Each summer I like to slip away to the high country to paint and meditate. This year I hired an outfitter and his pack horses to carry my gear to this special spot. Every day I hike to a site and paint and every evening I reflect on the past year and also visualize my plans for the future. It seems our pace each year is very lively and it is important to take time to pause. If there is one thing I have learned over these years it is that I cannot get time back. Each painting experience, studio or plein air, is unique. And the love, joy and energy that is put into this work will be there forever. The time I spend painting at a place and communing with nature will be with me for life!

Sometimes I am slow to stay current with our modern age.  We have had many requests to make our Web site a secure site for order supplies. So we are doing just that in our new Online Store.  We will continue to be a one-stop shop for the best water media supplies. In addition, I will be creating a monthly newsletter I give some of my thoughts and philosophy. Of course, on the site we will list my upcoming workshops (Workshops). This year I will be in Indianapolis, IN; St. Louis, MO; Vancouver, BC; Prince Edward Island, Canada; and at 4UR Ranch here in Creede. We will again host the two summer workshops at our gallery in Creede. In addition to my work exhibited at the Quiller Gallery, I will have a one-man show at the Mission Gallery in Taos, NM to honor the gallery’s 50th anniversary. This is scheduled for late September 2012.

And of course, our website will continue to show my newest and most current work (SQ Fine Art). Each year I continue to explore the various water media, various surfaces and use a variety of paint applications to go deeper into my expression. Please visit our web page (The Gallery) representing our gallery artists: clay sculptor Gail Frasier; bronze sculptor Jocelyn Russell; woodworker Sam Saunders; and potter Cloyde Snook. Each of these fine artists’ works can be viewed by contacting us and requesting images.

This past winter I spent three months painting a 30-foot mural for the lobby of the new Creede Repertory Theatre’s “Ruthie” Black Box. I used the Quiller acrylic paint and worked on Amperstand’s aquaboard. What an incredible experience I had last winter doing this project.

Stay tuned on our website—you will be able to read the full story. In our Online Store you will find only products that I have tried and tested and give my highest recommendation. Most of the items have something to do with water media and color. I have written six books and produced 14 DVDs and spent more than 40 years painting emphasizing these two areas. Please explore the contents and then give these products a try. I am positive you will enjoy the results. Everything in our Online Store will be a significant discount off retail. Check out our pre-arranged 12-color and 25-color watercolor palettes and the large poster-size Quiller Wheel made for studio and classroom use.

We have many loyal collectors, patrons, artist shoppers and workshop attendees and we truly appreciate all your patronage. Who knows what will unfold in this coming year. My thought is to simply grab that time and see what will transpire. Wishing you a beautiful unfolding process.

Go well,

AWS Award Winner