Casein Painting with Stephen Quiller

Available AUGUST 2020

Casein Secrets Revealed in the Ultimate Definitive Guide

Coming soon (expected on Aug 1, 2020)
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Casein Secrets Revealed in the Ultimate Definitive Guide

Available AUGUST 2020
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Explore the possibilities and the beautiful milk-based water medium of casein in Stephen Quiller’s new book. He takes you through his painting processes, beginning with color harmony and color relationships. Referring to the Quiller Casein Color Wheel, he demonstrates how to use his spectral palette and create incredible, exciting and personal color relationships. He then discusses different paint applications in both water media and traditional easel painting approaches. He discusses various materials and surface supports in which the artist can paint and how the paintings can be best displayed. Stephen then moves to various subjects that are ideal for painting with casein, followed by combining casein with other water media. Each combination is used to its advantage, compatibility and archival nature. Lastly, the artist author displays a gallery of paintings alongside various quotes from his journals. The archive paintings in this book span a period of 50 years of the artist’s oeuvre. This is the first definitive guide to the subject of casein and is a must for every artist’s library.

“The Jack Richeson company is the sole maker of casein, and they have created five beautiful new colors that go perfectly with my 12-color Quiller Palette. It is a dream come true, and I just can’t get enough of this paint!”

– Stephen Quiller, American Watercolor Society Award Winner

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